The Cinemix websphere is owned and operated by Demotikos AB.

Demotikos AB is a leader in the adult entertainment business in Scandinavia. The publisher and producer of high quality adult movies under the
brands of S.E.V.P. and Blue Hotel. The movies of S.E.V.P. and Blue Hotel are renowned internationally for their high quality production
values featuring attractive actors, exotic locations and elaborate sex scenes.

Demotikos AB owns and operates several adult web sites in the Cinemix websphere:

mycinemix.com | mancinemix.com | sevp.com are multilingual cinema sites. sevponline.com is a multilangual gay membership site.

usvideo.se | hemsex.se | sexleksaker.com are virtual sex shops targeted mainly for the Scandinavian market.
hemdvd.se is a post order video rental site which operates only within Sweden.

keskusvideo.se and sexylive.nu are online adult film and accessory shops that target the Finnish market.

All the models appearing in the adult content are over 18 years of age and participate of their own free will.
Demotikos AB is located in Sweden and has been operating since 1985.

company info:

Regeringsgatan 76      Tel:   +46 (8) 545 158 30       Pg: 35 48 07-0      Org.nr: 556263-1274         Bank: SEB      Swift/Bic: ESSESESS
111 39 Stockholm        Fax:  +46 (8) 10 42 63           Bg: 5401-4717      VAT-ID: 556263127401      Iban SEK: SE6850000000052061001157
Sweden                       Mobil:+46 (70) 58 555 15       http://www.demotikos.se                                Iban Euro: SE5350000000055018239166